André Uerba:

performance, 2018

No other source of light, just us – the Universe – together.


In André Uerbas‘ choreography, delicate threads are gradually set on fire one after the other and sometimes simultaneously, creating a space in slow motion constantly changing and fading. The strength of the burning threads unfolds in the darkness. In a time of perpetual wars between the present and future, the tempo decelerates, becoming quiet and calm. »Burn Time« acknowledges the moments and dedicates itself to the here and now. The quietness of the room, the slow rising of the points of light reminiscent of the hovering of fireflies and the gentle movements of the performers slow the perception of time.


Concept, artistic direction: André Uerba
Performance: Philipp Enders, Jorge de Hoyos, Sonia Noya, Jan Rozman, Olivia McGregor, André Uerba
Dramaturgical consultation: Thomas Schaupp
Sculptures, Sound: André Uerba
Light Design: André Uerba, Gretchen Blegen
Production: SHORT HOPE in coproduction with Walk & Talk Festival & Plesni Teater Ljubljana

Funded by Berliner Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa. Residences at O spaço do Tempo, PACT Zollverein, Tanzfabrik Berlin.