︎   29.08.24 Image Snatchers
        at Mladinsko Theatre, Ljubljana (SI)
︎   13.09.24 Birthday Concert
        at SNG, Nova Gorica (SI)




Thursday, 11.07.2024

In June we had a chance to work in residency at Uferstudios, Berlin with The Temporary Collective as a part of the LLB Creative Crossroads program. I’m grateful for this great learning experience and looking forward to the next residency planned - Bucharest, Romania in October this year.

What’s more, together with Julia Keren Turbahn and Jan Kress we were selected for the flausen+ residency! We will have a chance to  spend four weeks conducting artistic research at one of the flausen+ partner venues, where we plan to deepen our research on languge. 

set designs

Tuesday, 28.05.2024
photos: SMG - Matej Povše / SNG NG - Klemen Batagelj

This month brought the premiere of the Birthday Concert at SNG Nova Gorica as well as the introduction rehearsal for the author project Domolov (working title) at Mladinsko Theatre. Both projects feature a wonderful artistic team and mark an exciting new chapter of collaborative set design work with Dan Pikalo, an excellent set designer and a dear collegue.

new trailer

Friday, 26.04.2024

I’m happy to share our new video trailer for O, which premiered in February this year. Also, the O webpage was updated - check it out and reach out for a dossier and access rider!


Wednesday, 27.03.2024

I’m happy to start the dialogue with Pia Krämer / CLIFF, joining a group of represented artists who work across choreography, performance, sound, installation and sonic theatre!


Wednesday, 21.02.2024

photos: Philipp Weinrich

The premiere is behind us and it was a lot of fun! Thanks to everyone who joined us this past week at FELD Theater Berlin! For the first impression check out the first photos of O (the shOw) above and come back around for more updates!

O, it’s happening!

Thursday, 04.01.2024
illustration: Matija Medved

A new year brings the premiere Of a new wOrk! O (the shOw) will premiere in a mOnth at FELD Theater in Berlin. The age-Open perfOrmance abOut wOrds and letters fOr deaf* and hearing children is being develOped in cOauthOrship with Julia Keren Turbahn and Jan Kress and a wOnderful team of cOllaboratOrs. Stick arOund for mOre updates and cOme see us in February!

a film we haven't seen

Tuesday, 28.11.2023
photo: Nada Žgank

We are swiftly approaching the Image Snatchers special - the premiere of Mad Jakale In A Film We Haven't Seen and the tingling sensation is already there!

As written on the Emanat website, collective the Feminalz continuously refines their methods in the evenings of technoburlesque with new artistic contributions, comments and statements that address the audience in the most direct way. In the Image Snatchers Present series, members of the group take a closer look at one of their technoburlesque characters - it is time for Mad Jakale!

Join us, you can get your tickets here!

Some Small Stuff!

Wednesday, 18.10.2023
photo:  Nina Đurđević

Zwickau, Zagreb and Ljubljana were a lot of fun. It’s a pleasure to read a new review of Thinging after some time, Petra Pleše wrote a piece for, Croatian online portal of independent culture. I would like to thank the Improspekcije team for having us and TALA for hosting us in their space. At Wildwechsel Zwickau THINGS THING received the first prize from the children jury. We are very honored and inspired to make something new for young audiences!

Looking forward, November starts with a new edition of Small Arts Platform. Beside the ‘in-house’ Image Snatchers we expect a lot of wonderful local and international guests, exciting performances and heated discussions. And even more heated dancing! Check out the programe and join us!

to our tour

Tuesday, 12.09.2023

This autumn brings Thinging, THINGS THING and  (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ screamage back to stages in Germany, Croatia and Slovenia. Check out the dates to the left for more info and join us, it’s going to be a lot of fun!

For first (indirect) impressions about  (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ screamage check out the short video trailer above. It was made by the multitalented videographer Miha Možina - Zajklar, who also took care of the videos in the performance itself.

some summer?

Monday, 31.07.2023

Coming in hot! Currently having lots of fun working on two new projects - one for younger audiences together with Julia Keren Turbahn and Jan Kress and one for the cabaret stages with Mad Jakale and the Feminalz. Exciting! Premieres coming up in December and February! 


Tuesday, 30.05.2023

I feel positively puzzled, happy and very excited to perform in Inside the Outside, a new work by Deborah Hay. We are only a week away from the premiere and looking forward to share it with audiences. You can find more about  information about the work on the DHDC and NDA webpage, but the best way to find out more is to come and see it yourself!


Monday, 24.04.2023
photo: Philipp Weinrich

We just performed DINGE DINGEN / REČI REČI / THINGS THING in the frame of Augenblick Mal!, where it was selected as one of the five best children theatre productions in Germany in the past two seasons. We are very proud and hyped about that! You can read more about the festival and the piece here (it’s in German, but please don’t let that stop you).

There’s lots going on at the moment; Thinging is going to Théâtre de la Ville in a couple of weeks and the work with Deborah Hay and the Temporary Collective has already started - the premiere of this new work will happen in the beginning of June. Last but not least, a successful premiere of  (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ screamage is behind us, you can already find some photos on the webpage. The video documentation will follow shortly!


Tuesday, 21.03.2023

Two weeks until the premiere, we are almost ready for you! Get ready for us /  (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ screamage with this W E B P A G E  designed by Sara Bezovšek. ︎︎︎

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Tuesday, 21.02.2023
photo: Marijo Županov

We are exactly 6 weeks away from the premiere of  (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ screamage! Currently risking a lot in the studio with an amazing creative team - Peter Frankl, Miha Možina, Dan Pikalo, Blaž Gracar, Tanja Pađan, Janko Oven, Maša Radi Buh, Sara Bezovšek, Bor Ravbar and Luka Zagoričnik - to get the work done until 04.04.23, the premiere day. Come feel what we will do, tixs are avaiable already!

That THING again!

Saturday, 14.01.23
video: Gernot Wöltjen

I’m excited to share with you a new video trailer presenting the Deutsche Gebärdensprache - DGS (the German sign language) version of THINGS THING (DINGE DINGEN, in German). Take a look and join us in the theatre, somewhere between Ljubljana and Berlin, sometime between next week and end of April!


  Monday, 19.12.22
photo: Sunčan Stone

The year is winding up, it’s been a wild one. But before it ends Dejan Srhoj is performing his Evening of Dance Solos again, together with Bowrain. After the successful premiere in the beginning of the month you can catch the solos on the 27th and 28th of December at the ZRC SAZU Atrium in Ljubljana. I had a chance to choreograph one of them, that was fun! 

ting o ding
e reč

  Monday, 07.11.22
photo: Philipp Weinrich

It’s November and you are kindly invited to join us for some nice things on tour: Things Thing is going to Norway, Germany and Slovenia! You can find more information about the exact dates in the left column. And if you can’t make it this year, there are more shows coming up in 2023. Hope to see you there!

unknow the unknown

  Tuesday, 18.10.22

photo: Sunčan Stone

Just finished another round of practicing with Deborah, this time without Deborah. Asking myself how to dance with what is not known? Who knows? How does the body know? The infinite now? Now. No? Looking foward to Deborah coming back to the studio with us next year while shifting my attention to developing the phenomemetic project and a tour of Things Thing in November!


  Friday, 23.09.22

In the beginning of the month we rounded up the second research residency slot of the Phenomeme (working title) project at Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana. We’re diving deep into connections between bodies and (digital) images, working those layers of memesis. Somehow I even managed to find time to update the project page, check it out!


  Friday, 12.08.22
photo: Marijo Županov

On the 16th of August the fifth festival edition of the "Small Arts" Platform beginnins in Ljubljana. This edition focuses on workshops - from mime to clowning and vogue, but it doesn’t fall short in wonderful evening cabaret performances and round tables. Image Snatchers are performing on the opening evening and you can find more information about it here - do join us if you are in town!


Friday, 22.07.22

In the past couple of weeks, I’ve been working on a commissioned short solo for the Slovene dancer Dejan Srhoj. The work is based on practices of object somatics, which I started developing in 2016, during the process of creating Thinging. The solo, or rather the duet, is proposing alternative modes of cohabitation with objects by employing the object - a vacuum cleaner - as a choreographing entity. Stay tuned for more!

the fucking head

  Wednesday, 29.06.22
photo: Sunčan Stone

In June I had the honor of meeting and working with the one and only Deborah Hay! In the inspiring two-week research residence organized by Nomad Dance Academy Slovenia Deborah facilitated practicing and practice sharing. More slots like this are planned and I am eager to get back in the studio and turn the head some more, activating and seeing that mid-range. Thank you Deborah!


  Monday, 23.05.22

This weekend Thiging closed the International Festival for Contemporary Dance and Performance Antistatic. It was a pleasure to revisit this evolving work and to share it with a generous audience. Hopefully we’ll return to Sofia again soon! Enjoy a short video above (by Antistatic Festival, Teodora Simova) and check out this cheeky interview from bTV Новините / bTV News.

Things Thought!

  Monday, 18.04.22
photos: Philipp Weinrich

A week ago we had loads of fun with the runs of Things Thing (aka Dinge Dingen aka REČI REČI) in FELD Theater, Berlin. For the first time some of the shows were performed in German sign language made possible with the help and an amazing contribution by Jan Kress. Luckly we have some photos to share with you, enjoy the selection above!


  Wednesday, 23.03.22

In the beginning of the month I was in residency at O Espaço do Tempo, an amazing place to work and develop ideas. It was a pleasure to meet new people, get together with old freinds and continue developing the project. Phenomeme is happening, the team is slowly gethering, the meme is real. I hope to return to Montemor soon!


  Thursday, 17.02.22

I’m happy to share with you the short video trailers from digital 1.5. The video above is from the version 1.5.5., 1.5.4. is avaliable here and you can find the others by scrolling this page down. Feel invited to browse my Vimeo page for more insight!


  Monday, 10.01.22

Ho ho ho and it’s January! I wish you all a very gentle journey around the Sun ahead!  Keep on moving!

I’m very excited to share with you the outlines of a new research project:  Phenomeme is here! I’ll be uploading and adding materials as the project (and the year) will be progressing. Also, new dates for Thinging, THINGS THING and the Technoburlesque on the horizon. Come back soon for more info!

Snatching Things

  Friday, 19.11.21
photo: Nada Žgank

November was filled with performances -  after the wonderful conclusion of the digital 1.5. study/installation series we were qucikly back on stage with Julia and THINGS THING. Yesterday the Feminalz performed the Image Snatchers techno-burlesque. We had loads of fun with a great audience, I wish for more months like this! In December both the age-open performance and the burlesque are (hopefully) coming back on stage. There will also be a chance to probe and question creative practices in the frame of the Choreographic Turn #5 and already this month at the Cofestival 2021 Movement Research conference. Looking forward!


  Tuesday, 26.10.21

In the next weeks the last two editions from the digital 1.5. series will unfold and round up the project. Version 1.5.4. will happen at the Nič Art atelier in a form of a interactive performative massage. 1.5.5. will entail a larger group of performers who participated in previous editions. The performance will happen at Stara Elektrarna. You are kindly invited to join us! Have a look at the video trailer from edition 15.3. above, shot in Kino Šiška, recoreded and edited by Juš Jeraj.


  Tuesday, 21.09.21

The two recent pieces working with things brought home awards! What a special feeling! THINGS THING  got a special jury award: Award for playful critique of (un)usable plastic objects at the 11th Biennial of Puppetry Artists of Slovenia (Zala Dobovšek, Špela Čadež, Marek Waszkiel)! Thinging received the Best Performance Award at Gibanica 2021, Biennial of Slovenian Contemporary Dance Art (Kerstin Schroth, Gintarė Masteikaitė, Silvija Stipanov). A big thanks goes to everyone who helped bring these works to life! ︎

spet ember

  Sunday, 22.08.21

video: Juš Jeraj

Like deep sweet sleep, time off feels like a moment gone by without notice. September is almost here! I’ll start the month by assisting André Uerba in Sweden. Than we’ll be performing THIGNS THING with Julia Keren Turbahn for the first time live in Maribor. As I write this the preparation process for  »Small Arts« Symposium in Ljubljana is already well under way with a great team of collaborators. Image Snatchers will be closing the event. A week later, three years after the premiere Thinging will be shown on stage again! Excithing! And to finish the month the third edition of digital will take place in Kino Šiška.

You can find details about these events on the left side, under NEWS or browse the works and collaborations pages! Last but not least, Juš Jeraj prepared another beautiful trailer from the digital series. Check it out above (or on Vimeo) and hopefully see you around!


  Saturday, 10.07.21

video: Juš Jeraj

June was full of events (oh joy) and with July it’s time to vacate the body and mind for new challanges ahead (oh wau).

In the mean time I’m happy to share a short trailer from the first edition of digital 1.5. with you (above). I’m also happy to invite you to explore  the newly created digital 1.5. project page where you can already find photos from the second edition!


  Wednesday, 02.06.21

photo: Marijo Županov

On Monday digital 1.5.1., the first public event from the Ventilator cycle took place. It was a pleasure dive into the research and to perform live. A big shout out to the team and thanks to all the audience members who joined us! More information about the project coming soon!

PS: We are streaming Things Thing from Berlin in an hour! Join us!

Stream a Thing!

  Sunday, 11.04.21

Four days until the online premiere! This time in Slovene, next time probably in German. In the meantime, enjoy watching the teaser, get your tickets here and join us on Thursday! Everyone from 6 years on is invited!

Doing Things

  Sunday, 14.03.21

We are in the middle of our residency time at FELD Theatre and the Things Thing is slowly taking form. Such a pleasure to be able to work in the studio. The premiere dates are still to be confirmed but expect to hear more from us soon! Here are some photo snippets for the taste!

workshops, lectures, practices

  Monday, 15.02.21

Together with my friend and collaborator Juan Felipe Amaya Gonzalez we are preparing Baseline Test, a scored podcast where we will investigate the potential for fostering enhanced consciousness, digitized intimacies, and embodied proximities in times of physical isolation. It’s happening in the frame of the  online festival Slow Sweat, check it out and join us!

Choreo Turn #2

  Tuesday, 19.01.21

Together with Dragana Alfirević I’ve been cocurating the Choreographic Turn #2, the second in the line of four online events that were exploring the questions of choreography. The event is a webpage and you are kindly invited to visit it and explore the intersting contributions. The site will soon be expanded with new contributions so you should defenitely come back to it!

Image Snatchers

  Tuesday, 29.12.20
Image Snatchers are online tonight, live for the first time! Join the stream here, the entrance is free and the fun is endless!

It’s online!

  Sunday, 20.12.20

photo: David Orešič

After a couple of months of steady work with loads of trials and errors the renewed website is finally online with a fresh look. Enjoy exploring and please let me know if you miss anything or if you encounter any issues. The old .net domain should be connected soon. 

Residency at FELD Theater

  Wednesday 18.11.20

In an unfortunate (but not unpredictable) turn of events the performances of Burn Time at Norrlandsoperan in Umea, Sweden have been postponed until further notice due to the corona pandemic. Can’t wait to go back and continue working with André, the amazing team of young performers and the wonderful dedicated employees of NO hosting the piece. I hope we can continue where we left ASAP!

But not everything is canceled! As planed, we started a two-week residency at the FELD Theater in Berlin this Monday. Together with Julia Keren Turbahn we are re-searching and re-working topics and practices used in the Thinging towards what will perhaps become a new stage work for younger audiences. Follow for more information!

Burn Time Umeå

  Monday 0211.20

Video: Stella Horta Music: Marc Lohr

After Image Snatchers and Thinging dates in November and December have been canceled due to the epidemic I am happy to let you know that André Uerba’s project Burn Time is getting a new iteration! For the next couple of weeks we will be working with a group of local students in Norrlandsopera in Umeå, Sweden towards another version of this project. Looking forward to spend time in the theatre with this beautiful work again!

Snatch it!

  Saturday 05.09.20

photo: Emanat

It was a privilege to perform with this wonderful group of entities in the frame of the TRIGGER Festival in Stara Elektrarna Ljubljana! It was their 50th show and a first one for me, but our collaboration might continue in the future! Stay tuned!

(It is warmly recommended you reserve the tickets now, Image Snatchers are sold out months in advance.)


Sunday 21.06.20

photo: Nada Žgank remixed

The Covid-19 situation brought a lot of uncertainty into this year’s schedule. I’m happy I can finally confirm new dates for both Thinging and MEMEMEME in the autumn of 2020: we have a total of 6 performances scheduled. Let’s hope the health situation in autumn will allow the people to assemble and these events to happen! Hope to see you all soon.