Anna Aristarkhova


LUST transforms the Sophiensæle into a mysterious garden where five performers - fluctuating between being humans, animals and mythical creatures - explore an attempt of achieving an individual as well as a collective experience of lust. Therefore they perform various repetitive rituals to come closer to this state. They are constantly looking for various pleasures, sometimes innocently and full of joy, sometimes driven by an impulse to possess each other and sometimes the feeling of pleasure is a purpose itself. From time to time the process of looking for lust becomes exhausting but they seem driven and after a short rest they renew their search. Their whole presence claims that lust is the most precious commodity but what exactly are they craving for?

photos: Philipp Wenrich


concept & choreography: Anna Aristarkhova
performance & co-creation: Matthew Rogers, Lyllie Rouvière, Jan Rozman, Grete Šmitaite, Simone Weber
dramaturgy: Isabel Gatzke
stage design: Jonas Maria Droste
lighting design: Annegret Schalke
costume: Malena Modéer

production management: M.I.C.A - Movement in Contemporary Art
documentation: Philipp Weinrich

LUST is a production by Anna Aristarkhova. In co-production with Sophiensaele. Funded by the Senate Department for Culture and Europe. Media partner: taz.die tageszeitung