dance performance, 2013


Dementia is a state of oblivion. State of madness. The no brain state. You do not choose dementia. It selects you. And than everything changes. Forgotten, it does not know what it was and it does not have a clue of what will it become. And it is changing as we speak. It forgets. It turns from fiction to reality, concrete is replaced by abstract, rationality is overrun by emotion. Meaning becomes feeling, personal is now public. A joke becomes the truth and the truth is turned into a joke. Life is death. And if I remember correctly, something really important should be written here. Forget it. Even a bird knows more.

Language: English
Duration: 50 minutes


Concept & Performance: Jan Rozman
Text: Alja Ferjan & Jan Rozman
Music: Luka Ropret
Stage & Lighting Design: Jaka Šimenc
Costume: Tina Pavlin

Producer: Zavod Federacija Ljubljana
Coproducer: KD Qulenium
Partners & Support: Bunker: Stara mestna elektrarna – Elektro Ljubljana, City Municipality of Ljubljana, Public Fund for Culture

Foto & Design: Marijo Župan
Video: Anka Simoncic

photos: Marijo Zupanov