A traveling choreographic action, the marching performance Right Left (2019) appropriates marching, one of the oldest types of organized military formations closely tied to the display of military and state power, transforming it into an artistic act. We are declaring the march to be a form of art and should be understood as such. Orderly marching  belongs in a gallery, along with other archefacts of imperial and colonial violence and abouse in personal relationships and politics. Right Left against intimidationRight Left for demilitarization!

The performance has two parts – in the first part the author of the project marches through the pedestrian zone of Ljubljana in a balaklava alone, ending the march in the Modern Gallery Ljubljana. On the next day he is joined by a group of masked marchers. They walk the same route together, heading for the Modern Gallery, where they line up. The performance ends with a hand over of the art work in progress to the Modern Gallery Ljubljana.


The Performance Festival is an artistic gesture that takes stereotypical, witch-hunting and negative attitudes towards modern art that emerge from the anonymous internet environment quite literally. Its starting point are ideas about the kind of performance that would earn the author social value (award), as articulated by anonymous commentators on the internet. We approached the ideas literally, without prior ironic distance, but rather with all the available artistic procedures and dimensions that can lead to the realization of what is written in the comments.


Creators & performers: The Miha Artnak, Katja Gorecan & Nika Svab, Rok Kravanja, Jan Rozman, Katarina Stegnar

Curators: Urska Brodar and Janez Janša

Technical support: Igor Remeta
Public relations: Urska Comino and Mladinsko Theatre
Executive producer: Tina Dobnik
Production: The New Post Office (Maska + Mladinsko Theatre)

photos: Miha Fras