research project, 2016


The experimental audio-dance project Groove is a research into the notion of sonority in relation to the performing body. The starting points for the research were the questions of a connection between the quality of sound and the quality of movement and the aim to open the voice and use it as a performative tool.

The dance-performative research The Exqiusite Corpse comprises two choreographic miniatures; Groove and Archive - Deep Spin Fryer Dryer by Sara Janašković. The research is part of Emanat’s young authors’ projects dedicated to researching stage language. The research was supported by mentors, experts from a specific field, chosen by the author to assist her/him in the development process. In the final stage of the two separate study processes, the dancers/researchers used the surrealist method “exquisite corpse”. The dance-performative research aims at breaking the concentration of creative processes focused only on the product to direct them instead especially toward the development of a performing language and a reflection on the WHAT and HOW in the making of a solo performance.


Concept, choreography, performance: Jan Rozman
Advisors: Ivan Mijačević, Irena Tomažin

Translation: Katja Kosi
Administration: Nina Janež
Executive production: Sabina Potočki
Production: Emanat
Coproduction: Dance Theatre Ljubljana
Partner: SVŠGUGL (Pre-School Education, Grammar School and Arts Gymnasium  Ljubljana)
Financial support: Ministry of Culture RS and City Municipality of Ljubljana

Thanks to: Živa Brecelj (PTL), Nataša Tovirac (Intakt), Nina Meško (JSKD) and Alojz Pluško (SVŠGL)

photo: Nada Zgank