lecture performance, 2017

Is what I say what you hear?
Do you know what I mean?
Where is the meaning?
How can the meaning dance?


Mean Meanings is a lecture performance investigating performative situations through the perspective of language. It concerns itself with understanding the properties of language and the principles behind its functioning by examining the differences between word and movement languages and their influences on each other. As a result of a research semster this is an opportunity to open up the creative process, share the insights and the questions of the practice with the public.

Special attention is dedicated to the process of meaning (production). Strategies of meaning (de)con-struct-ion and trans(forma)-ti-on are tested with an aim to disrupt common language configurations and destabilize the perception of meaning.

photos: MinusPlusForward


Collaborators: Julia Keren Turbahn and Michiyasu Furutani
Language Lab Mice: Simone Gisela Weber, Frederike Doffin
Mentors: Eva Mayer-Keller, Litó Walkey & Janez Janša