Milan Tomásik:

dance performance in two acts without intermissions, 2014


"Inhale-exhale-freeze-action-reaction are the connective tissues of the performance The Hunting Season. Seemingly meditative signatures appear throughout the performance in various scenes with escalation, thickening and, above all, release of tension. Each hunting action demands concentration, attention, self-nullification, blending into the environment and listening to internal (bodily) and external impulses. All it takes to quickly release the tension, which triggers a swift act of catching. Thus, the principle of hunting is being internalized, outwards it serves the »clashing« among the dancers. That by all means gives an insight into the body structure, one’s perception of oneself, others and the group. It leads to a story that exceeds the psychology of an individual, of hunting, and of a group. It is not merely a story about (inter)relationships, about the catch if you like. It is the story about the world and mankind. It is a process showing us images of our insanity, egoism, vulnerability, moments of beauty. Here the performance with individual scenes relaxes and concentrates, it concretizes itself. Welcome home, in the world of tension, relaxation, catch and (non)sense. Also of humour, irony, competition and heartbreaking duets, solos. C’est la vie."  JJR


Concept, choreography: Milan Tomášik
Co-created and performed by: Jan Rozman, Alessandro Sollima, Milan Tomášik, Tina Valentan, Špela Vodeb, Aja Zupanec
Music: Vladimír Godár
Lighting design: Luka Curk
Costumes: Jasna Vastl
Outside eye: Suzana Koncut
Production: MT
Tour manager: Bram Smeyers
Public relation: Jedrt Jež Furlan
Co-production: EN-KNAP (Slovenia), Ljubljana Dance Theater (Slovenia), NorrlandsOperans (Sweeden)Stanica Žilina-Záriečie (Slovakia)
Partners: Mediterranean Dance Centre Svetvinčenat (Croatia), The Old Power Station (Ljubljana, Slovenia), Španski Borci Cultural Centre (Slovenia)

photos: Stanislav Dobak