performance, 2015

a place with no meaning
a state of restlessness
a bad idea gone worse
a thought falling apart
a vision of the new world
a moment when I lose control
a performance of madness

duration: 50 minutes
language: English or Slovenian


Rozman takes a critical yet productive stand on the issue of constructing a living environment, and evaluates past human development by means of a metaphorical transformation, fusing a dead landscape with living organisms. As a result, the performance at the same time curses the frenzied world of (post)industrial alienation and worships the persistent spiralling efforts at a humanist search for meaning in this relationship between the human and the natural. It does this by adopting not a societal, but above all a sensuous and ecological view of the possibility of forming the contours of a new human existence in today’s “post-natural” world.

photos: Matija Lukic



Concept: Jan Rozman
Performers: Alja Ferjan, Jan Rozman
Dramaturgy, costumes & light design: Petra Veber
Production: Pekinpah Kink Kong
Coproduciton: Qulenium
Partners: Bunker: The Old Power Station Ljubljana – Elektro Ljubljana, Nagib, RedSapata Tanzfabrik

The performance was created as a part of two-year author project Kodeks by Jan Rozman and it is supported by Ministry of Culture Slovenia.